Omen of Ice

Book 1 of the Omen of Ice Series

Keltania Tunne has spent her whole life training to become a bodyguard for a Winter Fae. It’s the highest of honors for a druid…only when Tania arrives at the Winter Court for the first time, nothing is what she expected.

Her assignment is the heir to the throne, Valen, and he doesn’t want her protection. In fact, he wants her gone. Yesterday. But Tania will not compromise, even if he is the most arrogant jackass she’s ever met―because something isn’t right in the Winter Court.

Everyone has secrets. From the Winter Lord to the kitchen maids to the rising faction that wants the prince dead―no one is who they seem. And now it’s up to Tania to keep her sacred oath and protect Valen, even when his smart mouth makes her skate the razor-thin edge between love and hate.

But the more she gets to know him, the more she realizes his secret is the biggest of all―and might just get them both killed.


“Adventurous and romantic”

—Publishers Weekly

“There must be some real-life magic in my fantasy reads lately because WOW, they are filling my heart UP! I loved reading all about their world, the journey, the unexpected guests, and the bond that was growing! Omen of Ice had not only one twist but at least THREE that I can recall and they were all chef’s kiss! But, the one at the end takes the cake, of course! I did not expect it and yes, I did binge it like it was the last slice!”

—Lakricia W, NetGalley

“This book was good! It sucked me in from the beginning and has left me NEEDING more!! I will be looking out for the 2nd one! Great world building, it was engaging and best of all fast paced! The author didn’t drag on with descriptions and in the fantasy that I look for, that’s great!”

—Bookish Bman

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Omen of Ice! This book was packed with adventure and fantasy in only the best way. I didn’t want the book to end and I can not wait for a sequel.”

—Nika E.B, NetGalley